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I hear them now and beautiful happy memories come flooding back giving me a huge smile. I was a desperate Angels fan in my teenage years and loved all their songs.Now my late teens children sing it at the clubs and pubs - but with slightly different lyrics to what I remember! It has spanned many years of my life from primary school when this was just a naughty song, to high school when we rebelled, to young dumb & full of rum young adults..I was a little surprised to see all the love for Alex O’Loughlin in last week’s poll.I had a hunch he might get a few votes after my “100 Hottest Men on Television: 2011” list and I wasn’t even terribly surprised he won.

It’s awesome to see because I love this man more than chocolate cream pies. O’Loughlin a little more of the attention he so clearly deserves.He makes sure that he is hydrated and it is his self-imposed rule to drink 2 gallons of water daily.I’m going to start this one off by being very honest.Second, if you’re nominating someone, try to spell their name correctly, or at least so I can understand who you mean. Remember, you can vote directly by clicking here or by visiting the Meet the Candy Candidates post on Girl in Stereo by clicking here. Let’s get to the reason you’re all here – the pictures! You can vote as often as you like, it’s completely free and you don’t have to enter any information other than the candidate you’re voting for.

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I love the support we’ve been getting over the last few weeks. Please make sure your write in nominee has not already been featured.

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